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Modern people have more and more pressure. A nice sleep can relieve stress and fatigue of the whole day. Since natural latex bedding product can improve sleep and cure cervical vertebra strain, massage channels and collaterals. It can be also anti-bacteria and free from washing. Natural latex product attracts a lot of attention and affection.
Vietnam is a country that produces a lot of latex. For these years, its latex products have become popular and necessary for the customers.  Even many tourists in Vietnam want to carry latex mattress home by themselves. 
Since the production of latex decreased in Thailand and Indonesia, Vietnam became a big producer of latex product. Since the year of 2006, the exportation of latex of Vietnam has increased drastically and its exportation is 50% more than 2005. In 2015 the planting area of rubber tree were 979,000 hectares. And the number of rubber processing company were 99. The production of rubber sheet was 1,200,000 tons. And the research shows that the quality of rubber juice is the best in the world. So the latex product market from Vietnam has become more and more welcomed and popular.
Though the product of latex in Vietnam has increased drastically and many latex product companies exist, the quality of products varies a lot. Even fake and poor quality products exist and many people have bought those fake products.

Since the latex production of every rubber tree is very little and the production process to produce latex is complex, the latex bedding product can be a bit expensive. Now the tourism in Nha Trang is very popular. Many tourists came because of its fame. Some bad merchants took advantage of tourists’ language barrier and their pursue on gaining petty advantages. And they sold low-price poor quality products to the customers. Some of these products were not from local but were imported. But they were not tagged with ‘imported’ in Vietnamese. And they were not even imported in the right way. The market regulation department can not guarantee the quality of these products either. Foreign tourists can not read Vietnamese so that they can be easily fooled.
Latex bedding product is what people are pursuing in a quality home life. It is also what we live with everyday and are close to. Fake and poor quality products not only cause financial loss , but also it threatens our and family members’ health. So we should consider comprehensive factors when we are buy any product. We shall be extra cautious. We shall not believe they are all genuine products blindly because the latex production is great in Vietnam.
Latex is a business card that representing Vietnam. Through many years’ development of planting rubber trees in a large area in Vietnam and unified production and management, latex in Vietnam becomes one of the top producers in Southeastern Asia. Many brilliant latex product companies were made. One of the most famous latex brands is LEA.
LEA is a national company of Vietnam. It was transformed from a German latex processing base in WW2. It inherited German advanced production process and top-class equipment. With none-stop researching and improving customers’ experience, we try our best to guarantee the quality of our product and contentment of our customers. From selecting raw material, choosing first-class latex,  unified mechanical operation , whole computer monitored process, thousands of times’ quality test of the products to tens of years’ development , Lea has become one of the leading latex companies in Vietnam. So its products are sold to all over the world. We believe LEA will become a well-known brand in the world with the help of Vietnam Commerce Department.